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Galapagos Luxury Cruise Ships

Experience luxury on Galapagos cruise ships. Explore the islands in style.

Top Galapagos Luxury Cruise Ships​

Luxury Class Galapagos Ships offer excellent onboard facilities. Our Galapagos Cruise Ships are hand-selected, ensuring maximum quality, each with special features such as a glass-bottom boat, ample sundecks, inter-connected spacious cabins, suites and staterooms. The cruise ships range in capacity from 40 to 100 guests, allowing us to suit everyone’s individual needs and budgets.

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Luxury Cruise Ships​

Ships are specially designed to provide safari cruises in the Galapagos, ensuring the utmost safety and comfort with amenities such as a doctor on board and boats with bottom glass for underwater viewing.

All Galapagos Cruise Ships

La Pinta

La Pinta is a luxurious cruise ship renowned for its exceptional service to a maximum of 48 guests, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience. This vessel delivers a unique blend of entertainment options for adults and children.

Isabella II

The Isabela II, a sumptuous 40-passenger yacht, promises an unforgettable cruising experience steeped in luxury. This vessel is meticulously outfitted with everything a discerning guest could desire.

Santa Cruz II Cruise Ship

Embark on an unparalleled adventure to the Galapagos Islands aboard the newly revamped Santa Cruz II. Offering three unique Galapagos journeys, the Santa Cruz II ensures a captivating and unforgettable exploration experience.

Galapagos Legend

The Galapagos Legend, a luxurious cruise ship, is expertly designed to host up to 100 guests. Spanning over 18,000 square feet (approximately 1,800 square meters), it offers an expansive haven of comfort and entertainment.

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