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Galapagos Luxury Catamarans

Experience ultimate comfort and relaxation on our Galapagos double hull yachts.

Galapagos Luxury Catamarans

The recent popularity of luxury Galapagos catamarans has cemented this type of vessel as the ultimate way to experience the Galapagos in comfort and style.

Catamarans tend to be more spacious than similar length single-hulled yachts due to their square shape. Many catamaran staterooms feature private balconies and ample space (comparable to any cabin on a cruise ship). Expansive social areas, modern facilities, and Jacuzzis provide for the ultimate experience in Galapagos Luxury Travel. Our top-ranked English speaking naturalist guides (other languages available upon request) will share fascinating information about the Galapagos in an intimate setting along with up to a maximum of 16 guests onboard.

Contact one of our luxury Galapagos specialists for help planning the perfect trip according to your interests, time availability, and budget.

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Luxury Catamarans​
Luxury catamarans provide an exceptional level of comfort, featuring suites with private balconies and even a jacuzzi in selected suites. These boats are designed for the most discerning guests who wish to experience the Galapagos in the utmost comfort.

All Luxury Catamarans

Galaxy Sirius

Launching in March 2024, the Galapagos Galaxy Sirius is a luxurious catamaran cruise offering unique adventures in the Galapagos Islands. It accommodates up to 16 guests in eight plush suites and offers exceptional service and stunning views.


Experience unparalleled luxury aboard the MT Galapagos Horizon, the only trimaran currently sailing the Galapagos waters. Its unique, eco-friendly design makes it one of the most efficient vessels in operation, embodying a commitment to the environment.


Galapagos Petrels speed, comfort, luxurious interiors, and excellent itinerary make it the perfect option for all Galapagos Cruise Adventure. All cabins boast the luxury of a private balcony and a new stability system that ensures sailing.

Elite Catamaran

Elite Galapagos Cruise represents the top experience available in the archipelago, with panoramic views surrounding you no matter where you are on the ship, including on the private balcony of your cabin.

Endemic Galapagos

The M/C Endemic Galapagos Catamaran, which embarked on its maiden voyage in July 2018, is a testament to a state-of-the-art yacht that has set new standards for luxury and comfort in the Galapagos archipelago.

Alya Galapagos

Explore the islands that inspired Charles Darwins theory of evolution and changed how we understand our planet aboard one of the newest and most comfortable catamarans to sail the Galapagos Islands – the M/C Alya.

Cormorant II Catamaran

Experience eco-luxury on Cormorant II, a mega-catamaran for 16 passengers. Enjoy ten suites, ocean-view lounges, sun deck, and more, creating an exclusive, comfortable Galapagos adventure.

Ocean Spray

The Ocean Spray was explicitly built to provide the best performance and comfort while cruising in the Galapagos. Her speed and stability are perfect for navigating the Archipelago.

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