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Maria Soledad Loaiza Managing Director


Managing Director

As the Managing Director of Columbus Travel, my passion is at the heart of our mission: to create amazing, honest, and authentic experiences for unique travelers. I lead a team of dedicated professionals who share this vision. Our travel consultants personalize every itinerary, our customer service representatives ensure complete satisfaction, and our marketing and operations teams keep us at the forefront of the luxury travel industry. Together, we’re committed to making every journey to destinations like Ecuador, Galapagos, and Peru, truly unforgettable. We don’t just plan trips—we craft experiences, driven by a shared passion for authenticity and excellence.


Pablo Rea Sales Supervisor
Sales Supervisor


Ecuadorian born, but a true citizen of the world. I lived in the United States for 4 years, in Peru for 5 months, in Galapagos for 2 months. I have traveled extensively from a very young age. Bachelor´s Degree in Business Management and a former Tourist Guide in Ecuador. I have worked in the Tourist and Hospitality industry for over 14 years. I customize truly bespoke luxury travel experiences, from a family of 30 members who wished to rent their own luxury boat in the Galapagos with a personal chef and unique visits to a couple who wanted to celebrate their honeymoon in Machu Picchu with a ceremony in the citadel. Everything I do is designed to enhance your private experience by delving deeper into your passions and interests, each itinerary is by definition, “unique”.


Pablo Rea Sales Supervisor
Daniela Navarro Destination Expert
Destination Expert


My wanderlust was kindled at a young age, as road trips with my family introduced me to the wonders of mountains, rivers, and waterfalls. In 2014, I embraced trail running, realizing my dream of exploring the majestic Andes from diverse perspectives. This pursuit led me to thrilling escapades, from traversing Chilean Patagonia to conquering Cotopaxi multiple times and immersing myself in Amazonian communities. These experiences, teeming with unforgettable moments, primarily unfolded within one country’s borders. Now, as a Destination Expert at, I am honored to guide guests through these extraordinary locales while sharing my profound love for Ecuador’s beauty and culture.


David Galarza Destination Expert
Destination Expert


A profound connection with nature, particularly marine life, has shaped my journey since my earliest days. This intrinsic bond led me to pursue studies in Ecology and tourism at university and embark on a fulfilling career as a naturalist guide across the Amazon rainforest and throughout Ecuador. Traveling has always been my passion, and engaging with visitors worldwide has been a highlight of my profession, offering invaluable insights. My hobbies, including nature photography, bird watching, trekking, snorkeling, and diving, seamlessly complement my work. If you’re considering Ecuador for your next adventure, we are poised to create an unforgettable experience. I eagerly anticipate welcoming you to Ecuador!


David Galarza Destination Expert
Cristina Lopez Destination Expert
Destination Expert


Since my early days, travel has been a defining element of my existence, igniting a fervor for exploring diverse cultures and languages. Over 18 years in the tourism sector, I have educated international travelers in Spanish while steering them through personalized journeys across South America. This exposure kindled a deep appreciation for exhibiting my country’s rich tapestry of diversity and natural splendor. Guiding explorers in crafting indelible travel experiences has evolved into my profound vocation. The delight of tailoring trips that resonate with each guest, ensuring they savor the finest offerings of my homeland, is a privilege beyond measure. Creating enduring memories that transcend time is an honor and a joyous pursuit.


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