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Luxury Galapagos Tours and Extensions to the Amazon, Ecuador & Peru

Imagine yourself exploring pristine beaches, snorkeling with playful sea lions, hiking up mystical Inca temples, or exploring the wonders of the Amazon Rainforest, without having to sacrifice comfort.

The below luxury tour packages to the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, and Peru will take you on adventurous expeditions with close contact with local cultures and exploration of different ethnic groups. You can visit three wonders of the world in a single trip: Galapagos Islands, Machu Picchu Ruins, and the Amazon Rainforest!

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Enchanting Ecuador: Quito & La Selva

Starting from: US$6,716

Ancestral Peru & The Galapagos Islands

Starting from: US$7,719

Endemic Escapes: La Selva Eco Lodge

Starting from: US$5,992

Santa Cruz Serenity: Island Escape Cruise

Starting from: US$6,146

Discovering Quito, and La Selva Eco Lodge

Starting from: US$1,978

What's Included in Your Tours?

We Provide for Every Need, Ensuring A Delightful Galapagos Experience

English-Speaking Guides

Our luxury Galapagos tour packages include the services of expert English-speaking guides—local connoisseurs of the region's geography and wildlife. Fluent in multiple languages, they elevate your journey, ensuring an enriching experience beyond compare. During the trip, our staff provides unparalleled discovery and personalized exploration.

Services and Entrance Fees Detailed

At Columbus Travel, transparency is paramount. We provide detailed breakdowns of services and entrance fees when you book Galapagos vacation packages. Our commitment to clarity ensures you have a complete understanding of what to expect, allowing you to relax and relish every moment. Discover the Galapagos with confidence.

Meals As per Itinerary

Indulge in a culinary voyage, where each luxury Galapagos cruise features a world-class chef crafting personalized, gourmet meals. Elevate your journey with exquisite dining experiences tailored to your preferences, ensuring every bite is a delight, savoring the finest gastronomic masterpieces.

Personalized Assistance

Enjoy personalized assistance when you book Galapagos tour packages with Columbus Travel. Embark on an effortless luxury cruise with the service of our professional representative guides. We ensure a seamless experience from hotel pickups to check-ins, offering expert support for luggage handling. Enjoy a stress-free journey as our team attends to every detail, allowing you to focus on the beauty of the Islands.

Luxury Class Accommodations

Experience the best accommodations when you book Galapagos Islands vacation packages. Partnering with the finest hotels in the Galapagos, we ensure your stay is a haven of comfort and sophistication. Enjoy unparalleled amenities and impeccable service, complementing the extraordinary beauty of the islands. Elevate your journey with luxurious retreats, where each night becomes a seamless part of your unforgettable experience.

Authentic Galapagos Experience

Explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites and witness endemic wildlife in their natural habitat. Engage in wildlife spotting and learn about the local ecology, medicinal plants, and the unique geography of the islands when you book Galapagos tour packages. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty of these islands, where every moment unveils the wonders of nature and the rich tapestry of the Galapagos archipelago.

World Class Business and Group Travel Options

Tailored Luxury Yacht Charters for Unforgettable Corporate Retreats in the Galapagos

Elevate your corporate experience by chartering a luxury yacht for an incentive or corporate cruise in the awe-inspiring Galapagos Islands. Every luxury Galapagos cruise is tailored for personal comfort and corporate requirements, and our services cater to intimate gatherings and large-scale events.

Indulge in the privacy of a luxury yacht, where your corporate image is seamlessly woven into the journey. Our expert team plans and executes luxury Galapagos tours, complete with private events, meetings, and presentations, ensuring a bespoke experience reflecting your unique brand.

Enjoy the flexibility of private service or explore tailored options for groups—benefit from exclusive rates with package deals, optimizing your budget while delivering an unparalleled experience. Columbus Travel is your trusted partner for unforgettable Galapagos travel packages. Unleash the potential of your corporate journey with our world-class solutions, curated to exceed expectations.

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